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Public Health and Wellness

Our Mission

The mission of LMPHW is to promote health and wellness; prevent disease, illness, and injury; and protect the health and safety of metro Louisville residents and visitors.

Performance Improvement Summary

LMPHW started its formal continuous improvement journey in 2012. Per the Greater Louisville Project’s report, Louisville then ranked 10th amongst 15 peer cities in health outcomes.  Cuts in federal, state, and local general funds as well as changes in the public landscape made continuous improvement a must.  We added Quality Improvement Coordinators and two epidemiologists.  With a strong understanding of our current health as a community, we developed the Healthy Louisville 2020 plan and set a goal to increase Louisville's health ranking among 15 peer cities to the top half by 2020 and the top third by 2030.  We also established key performance indicators (KPIs) that would allow us to measure our internal performance:

  • We are monitoring  OT that is currently trending below set target of 13,712 hours
  • Sick leave is improving: we are applying our dept. policy consistently with quarterly monitoring of the high sick leave user list, and then having supervisors meet with high sick leave users to discuss alternatives if appropriate (e.g., flex time).
  • Hours lost due to work related injuries are at zero.

Additional Performance Improvements include:

  • Number of public facilities not inspected on time has reduced from 10.5% to less than 0.1%. 
  • Timeliness of outbreak investigations are off target a bit due to a high number of influenza reports; however, we prioritize investigations so more urgent cases are addressed first. 
  • Number of fee collection errors reduced by 50% from 14 to 7 incidents per month. 

Adult cigarette smoking has dropped from 32.1% to 25.71%, exceeding our goal of 29% by 2020.

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Public Health and Wellness KPIs
Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
% of Establishments Not Receiving the Required # of Inspections 7.5 % 5 %
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part12.pdf
Outbreak Investigations Not Initiated Timely 13 % of investigations 8 % of investigations
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part9.pdf
Performance Evals Not Complete 49.5 % 5 %
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part16.pdf
Specimens Not Analyzed Within Designated Timeframe 1.7 % 10 %
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part11.pdf
Untimely Lab Specimens 10.10 % 10 %
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part10.pdf
WIC Monthly Participants 11,488 participants 12,000 participants
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part15.pdf
Enterprise KPIs
Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 63,771 $ 25,012
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part4.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 16 hours 500 hours
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part7.pdf
Hours Not Worked 17,190 hours 17,330 hours
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part6.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 0.37 1.00
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part8.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 2,244 hours 2,041 hours
PDF icon LMPHW_LouieStat KPI Workbook_11.20.2018_Part5.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set