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Information Technology

Our Mission

Enabling City agencies, partners and citizens to meet their objectives and reach their full potential by delivering reliable, timely, cost-effective technology capabilities and quality information.

Performance Improvement Summary

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) began LouieStat with a primary focus on the Enterprise Metrics.  Two enterprise metrics were red for DoIT: Hours Not Worked and Employees with High Sick Leave Consumption.  DoIT has made great progress in decreasing the number of employees who use a high amount of sick time making Employees with High Sick Leave Consumption metric green.  Although Hours Not Worked is still red, this metric has also been improving.   

With the majority of the Enterprise metrics green, DoIT has engaged middle management to focus on more department specific metrics.  The department is currently working to determine the most vital metrics that help show a true picture of how well the department is performing.  DoIT will use proven problem solving methodologies (PDCA, Lean, and Six Sigma) to help them along this journey.

Statistics Archive


Information Technology KPIs
Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Breached SLA Deadline: Incidents 17 % 15 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part10.pdf
Breached SLA Deadline: Service Requests 21 % 20 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part9.pdf
Digital Services Unplanned Outages .090 % .1 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part12.pdf
Executive Service Desk Breach Rate 15 % Tickets 10 % Tickets
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part11.pdf
Open Data Useage 1642 Downloads TBD
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part13.pdf
Operational Budget Performance 73.59 % TBD
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part6.pdf
Quarterly Data Center Downtime .062 % .1 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part14.pdf
Quarterly Infrastructure Downtime .15 % .1 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part15.pdf
Service Desk Answer Rate 90 % 89 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part7.pdf
User Satisfaction 4.64 % 0 %
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part8.pdf
Enterprise KPIs
Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 15,985 $ 16,500
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part1.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 0 hours 0 hours
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part4.pdf
Hours Not Worked 4,351 hours 3,967 hours
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part3.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 0 0
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part5.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 420 hours 624 hours
PDF icon DoIT 12.14.17_Part2.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set