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Codes and Regulations

Our Mission

Promote and ensure quality and sustainable land use, construction, community design, and on-going property maintenance to support continued economic growth and physical development, ensuring prosperity, health and safety, and the general welfare of all of the citizens and visitors in our community.

Performance Improvement Summary

Codes and Regulations was onboarded into LouieStat in July of 2012. The department was reorganized in 2014 and now focuses solely on property maintenance, vacant lot abatement, and licensing and permitting, and enforcement for ABC, ground transportation, amusement, food trucks, events, and other Metro required business licenses. Codes & Regulations monitors these key processes monthly and uses the data to help educate the citizens of Louisville on local ordinances and code.

Continuous improvement is embedded in their culture, and the employees in Codes & Regulations have identified ways to better serve the citizens through process improvement to increase the number of inspections completed and improve response times to inspections requested through 311. They also partner with Metro Corrections and the Department of Public Works to cut and clean properties. Also of note, the Property Maintenance division is piloting better communication methods for HQS inspections to decrease their no-show rate while also providing better services to those clients. They are also dedicated to the safety of their workforce and continue to set incremental goals toward achieving higher safety ratings. 

Statistics Archive


Codes and Regulations KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Statussort descending PDF
Specialty Permit Citations Collection Rate 82 % 100 %
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part15.pdf
Boarding and Cleaning Cases Resolved 12876 cases 6723 cases
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part6.pdf
Work Orders Open More than 30 Days 46 Work Orders 100 Work Orders
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part7.pdf
Property Maintenance New Cases 16255 cases 16888 cases
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part9.pdf
Graffiti Work Orders Resolved 761 work orders TBD
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part8.pdf
Specialty Permit License Inspections 5816 inspections 8367 inspections
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part14.pdf
ABC Applications Exceeding 35 Day Process Goal 60.1 % 29.2 %
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part16.pdf
% Single Family Permits Issued After 4 Days 28.50 % 18.13 %
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part17.pdf
% Commercial Permits Issued After 15 Days 28.75 % 16.31 %
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part18.pdf
Property Maintenance Cases Closed 16877 cases 23408 cases
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part10.pdf
Property Maintenance Initial Response Time 5.5 days 5.0 days
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part11.pdf
HQS No Show Rate 11.33 % 10.00 %
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part13.pdf
Property Maintenance Re-inspections Over 30 Days Past Due 26974 inspections 24628 inspections
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part12.pdf
Enterprise KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Statussort descending PDF
Lost Time Injury Rate 1.11 3.00
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part5.pdf
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 154600 $ 65000
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part1.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 4786 hours 2080 hours
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part2.pdf
Hours Not Worked 14547 hours 12501 hours
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part3.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 80 hours 0 hours
PDF icon KPIReportJuly2018CodesLouieStatForum_Part4.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set