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The mission of the Office of Management & Budget is to ensure the fiscal integrity of Louisville Metro Government and to provide the highest level of services to our customers.

Performance Improvement Summary

The Office of Management & Budget’s (OMB) performance improvement portfolio includes the following interdependent core areas: Metro financial management in support of the Mayor’s Strategic Objective to “Ensure Fiscal Integrity”; asset management with an emphasis on Metro’s Facilities and Fleet; and customer service provided to support internal Metro agencies and to serve external constituents. The following are highlights of accomplishments achieved through improvement initiatives in each of the aforementioned areas.

Metro Financial Management:

  • Alignment of recurring revenues and expenditures to achieve a structurally balanced budget
  • Achievement of an unqualified audit opinion with zero material weaknesses or significant deficiencies for FY15

Asset Management – Facilities & Fleet:

  • Assessment of fleet repair processes resulting in significant reductions in repair time, thereby increasing utilization of this key Metro asset

Customer Service:

  • Revamping of the procurement process and supporting technology, one outcome being an improved fiscal year end closing process

Additionally, OMB has implemented a number of practices that support integration of performance improvement in the agency’s culture through which positive outcomes will be continuous and sustainable. Examples include the following:

  • Implementation of a Facilities Dashboard to monitor the useful life of building systems and inform prioritization of capital improvements to maximize resources
  • Launch of a Revenue Commission Online Customer Service Survey to generate recommended improvements to services
  • Fleet has embedded a focus on improvement in the daily work of the team through daily team meetings, seeking employee input on processes, posting KPIs in common areas, and enhancing transparency of the repair process by posting a tracking board on which each employee can update the status of repairs.

The OMB Management Team looks forward to carrying momentum forward into the upcoming planning cycle/new fiscal year by refreshing the enterprise model; identifying new, and further advancing established, improvement initiatives; and pursuing opportunities to further expand Metro’s culture of improvement and innovation through the work of the agency.

Statistics Archive


Enterprise KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 22962 $ 17301
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part1.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 839 hours 714 hours
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part2.pdf
Hours Not Worked 22059 hours 8210 hours
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part3.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 754 hours 0 hours
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part4.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 0.50 0.00
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part5.pdf
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Pcard Payments 6.62 % 11.25 %
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part8.pdf
Net Payment from Fines, Abatement Cost, and Liens $ 3306247 $ 2933326
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part6.pdf
EMS Billing Patient Payment 51 days 5 days
PDF icon OMB LouieStat KPI Report Forum 24_Part7.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set