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Youth Detention Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of structured care to our youth through a variety of creative programs and services that teach accountability and provide protection to the community.

Performance Improvement Summary

Louisville Metro Youth Detention Services (LMYDS) has focused its continuous improvement efforts towards its overtime budget, hiring cycle, PO process, and cross-functional teams. In an effort to continuously improve, LMYDS set an aggressive goal to reduce overtime by 20% of the current fiscal year budget and as of the end of April 2016, LMYDS has reduced the budget by 15.68% with hopes to do even more in the next fiscal year. This achievement is, in part, due to collaborative efforts among all staff and the creation and implementation of new scheduling reports.

Other improvement projects such as the hiring cycle project, geared towards reducing the amount of time to onboard new staff, yielded a newly revised youth program worker job description. Another LMYDS continuous improvement project is the PO project, created with a goal of getting invoices paid in a timely manner to maintain high levels of external customer satisfaction with LMYDS vendors. Lastly, the building of cross-functional teams will help expand LMYDS’s volunteer list and provide a variety of programs to our youth. All-in-all, LMYDS is a department on the move and works daily to improve their business functions through the use of best practice continuous improvement tools.

Statistics Archive


Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
# of Youth Processed 1,767 Youth TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part13.pdf
Assaults 35 Assaults TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part14.pdf
Average Daily Population 75 detainees 64 detainees
PDF icon KPI Report_Part11.pdf
Average Length of Stay 263 Days TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part12.pdf
HIP Program Violations 199 Violations TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part17.pdf
Hospital Runs 126 Runs TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part15.pdf
HSP Program Violations 99 Violations TBD
PDF icon Forum 15 KPI's_Part16.pdf
Enterprise KPIs
Measuresort descending Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 1,163,416 $ 747,838
PDF icon KPI Report_Part4.pdf
Employees w/ High Sick Leave Consumption 30 employees 16 employees
PDF icon KPI Report_Part7.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 3,522 hours 1,056 hours
PDF icon KPI Report_Part8.pdf
Hours Not Worked 18,564 hours 6,454 hours
PDF icon KPI Report_Part6.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 8.53 3.80
PDF icon KPI Report_Part9.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 42,440 hours 27,878 hours
PDF icon KPI Report_Part5.pdf
Turnover Rate 13 % TBD
PDF icon KPI Report_Part10.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set