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Louisville Fire Department

Our Mission

Louisville Division of Fire serves the community by providing Quality Fire Prevention, Environmental Protection and Emergency Services.

Performance Improvement Summary

The Louisville Fire department (LFD) began participation in the LouieStat process in 2012 as a part of the first group of departments to be on boarded to the program. With their continued participation, LFD is now tracking a whole host of key performance indicators that are tied to their critical business processes--everything from the arson and case clearance rate to response times for structure fires and medical runs.

Using a continuous improvement lens, LFD has examined response times and employee sick leave consumption, and in doing so, they have made targeted improvements in these areas through the use of a problem solving framework.

Also worth noting is LFD’s progress towards increasing and improving their fire safety inspections. Using a predictive analytic model, LFD is currently piloting a new way of prioritizing home inspections based on risk that will help identify those areas of the city at most risk of not having a working smoke alarm.

This type of work will continue at LFD, and serve as an example to other agencies, as they learn more from performance management and make improvements based on data and empirical information.

Statistics Archive


Enterprise KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 872184 $ 968985
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part1.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 31813 hours 46554 hours
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part2.pdf
Hours Not Worked 62880 hours 59701 hours
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part3.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 21463 hours 15262 hours
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part4.pdf
Suppression Employees w/ High Sick Leave Consumption 3.47 employees 3 employees
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part6.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 6.24 6.50
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part5.pdf
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Suppression Inspections 7349 Inspections 14580 Inspections
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part8.pdf
Structure Fire First Unit Response 12 % 10 %
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part10.pdf
Structure Fire Effective Response Force 20 % 10 %
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part11.pdf
Medical Incidents Effective Response Force 27 % 10 %
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part12.pdf
Building/Business Inspections 6887 inspections 7530 inspections
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part9.pdf
Civilian Fire Injuries 16 injuries 16.8 injuries
PDF icon Fire KPI Report 6.30.2018_Part7.pdf


  • Performance Meets Goal
  • Performance Approaching Goal
  • Performance Off Goal
  • Non-Scored / Informational
  • Goal Not Set