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Emergency Services

Our Mission

The mission of Louisville Emergency Services is to provide high quality and compassionate emergency and non-emergency response to the citizens and visitors of Louisville Metro and its local, state and regional partners in order to achieve the most favorable outcomes for people, property and the environment.

Performance Improvement Summary

The newly re-organized (February 2015) department of Emergency Services (ES) now encompasses the performance work of the Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, MetroSafe and MetroCall 311. ES continues to track and monitor its key businesses processes, such as 911 communications and emergency patient care management.  ES can now also holistically examine the process for an emergency medical call for service, reporting response time and examining quality from call start to medical transport.

Worth noting is ES’ progress towards driving down their lost time injury rate. Although the most current report has a yellow light, it is important to note that the goal has been steadily lowered as the department has embraced the philosophy of continuous improvement. The initial (2014) goal of a LTI Rate of 20 has been lowered to a goal of 8 in 2016. Another metric of note is the MetroCall Abandon Rate, which though red for being off their goal of 5%, has shown significant improvement from a high of 55% to an average of 18% abandonment. This aggressive goal setting will continue in ES as they learn more from performance management and make improvements based on empirical information.

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