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Public Works and Assets

Our Mission

Deliver superior customer service, efficiently manage solid waste and recycling, proactively maintain and enhance city facilities, assets, infrastructure and Metro fleet, initiate and support progressive environmental and energy conservation programs and champion innovative business practices.

Performance Improvement Summary

The Department of Public Works and Assets has seen incremental improvement to important metrics since the start of LouieStat in 2012. Hours not worked has seen a step decrease of non-worked hours of approximately 6%.  Hours lost due to work related injury/illness have declined from a high point of nearly 1,900 hours a month to a steady rate of approximately 250 per month, and their lost time injury rate has been cut nearly in half. This means more people on the ground to help and assist citizens when they need it the most.

Public Works also works hard to keep our city’s infrastructure updated and safe for citizens. They have decreased the percentage of linear feet of sidewalks identified for repair but still awaiting action by 48% over the last three years, targeting the sidewalks in our community that were reported for repair before 2013. 

Statistics Archive


Enterprise KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Turnover Rate 8.52 % 9.30 %
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part7.pdf
Dollars Spent on Overtime $ 1132051 $ 1471784
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part1.pdf
Overtime Hours Paid 33532 hours 42578 hours
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part2.pdf
Hours Not Worked 51921 hours 36830 hours
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part3.pdf
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness and Injury 10714 hours 9616 hours
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part5.pdf
Employees w/ High Sick Leave Consumption 143 employees 116 employees
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part4.pdf
Lost Time Injury Rate 3.41 3.00
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part6.pdf
Public Works KPIs
Measure Current Level Goal Level YTD Status PDF
Sidewalk Repair Backlog Reported before 2013 68947 ft 286080 ft
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part8.pdf
Paving Completed 101 square ft 226 square ft
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part10.pdf
Sidewalks Completed 22093 ft 22871 ft
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part9.pdf
Equipment Repair Log 1861 vehicles 1396 vehicles
PDF icon PWA Forum 34 Prework_Part11.pdf


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