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About LouieStat

The citizens of Louisville deserve the best city government in the country and the Fischer Administration is committed to creating it. The Office of Performance Improvement (OPI), established in January 2012, is helping the Mayor pursue this goal by asking 3 fundamental questions:

  • What are the key services Metro Government performs?
  • How well are we performing?
  • How can we perform better?

LouieStat, one of the core programs administered by OPI, uses data to help Metro Government departments answer each one of these questions. Short for Louisville Statistics, LouieStat brings individual Metro departments before the Mayor and his senior leadership team every six to eight weeks to identify, through consistent metrics tracking and data analysis, what the department (and Metro Government) can do to continually improve the services it delivers to the citizens of Louisville.

The identification, tracking and analysis of the most important metrics for each department, called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for short, helps Louisville Metro Government:

  • Spot areas of weakness, where we are not delivering the best services or results possible
  • Make data-driven decisions regarding where and how to best allocate resources
  • Evaluate the true impact and effectiveness of the work being done across Metro Government

LouieStat has already made progress in helping save taxpayer dollars. Metro Corrections, for example, has been able to better manage overtime and in recent months has had lower overtime costs than any time during the last six years.

In the first year, nine departments were integrated into LouieStat — Parks, Public Works and Assets, Corrections, Fire, Animal Services, Codes and Regulations, Public Health and Wellness, Economic Growth & Innovation and EMS.

In the second year, nine additional departments will be added — Community Services & Revitalization, Library, Emergency Management Agency, Louisville Metro Police Department, Office of Management & Budget, Zoo, Human Resources, Metro Technology Services and Youth Detention Services.